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Maryland Unemployment Appeals

If you lose your job, the circumstances of your termination dictate whether you will be eligible for unemployment benefits. If the Office of Unemployment Insurance erroneously denies your claim, you promptly must file an appeal after receiving the decision. If you do not file an appeal within the time limit, you will be disqualified from collecting unemployment payments until you find a new job and work for a significant period of time.

If the Office of Unemployment Insurance approves your claim, your former employer also has a right to appeal the decision and attempt to prove that you voluntarily quit or were terminated for misconduct. If your employer is successful, your unemployment benefits will be cut off, and you may be required to repay the unemployment benefits you already received.

Failing to appeal a denial of unemployment benefits or defend against your former employer’s appeal can be a costly mistake, causing you to lose six months’ or more of unemployment payments. An experienced unemployment lawyer can help protect your right to receive unemployment benefits.

Unemployment attorney Kenneth Sigman has experience with administrative and judicial appeals of unemployment decisions. Please call 301-891-2200 to schedule a consultation.