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Family Law

Without forgetting the emotional and practical needs of our clients, our attorneys vigorously advocate for our clients in all areas of family law, including divorce, custody, adoption, domestic violence and alternative families. We often work with professionals such as doctors, therapists, mediators, actuaries and accountants to build our clients’ cases and obtain favorable results.

We strive to avoid costly litigation and we resolve most of our divorce and custody cases amicably. We help our clients understand how a judge would be likely to decide their case so that they begin the negotiation process with a reasonable position that is likely to prompt a constructive dialogue. However, we do not hesitate to undertake aggressive litigation when necessary to protect our clients’ interests.

We also serve as neutral mediators to help couples achieve a fair and amicable resolution to their marriage and represent clients in the collaborative divorce process.

Kenneth Sigman prepares court orders that facilitate the tax-free transfer of retirement assets and benefits between divorcing spouses, in including Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) dividing 401(k) accounts, and Constituted Pension Orders and Court Orders Acceptable for Processing dividing military retired pay, CSRS and FERS pensions, and Thrift Savings Plan accounts of federal employees.