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Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

Attorneys Susan Silber and Kenneth Sigman practice collaborative family law, which is a form of alternative dispute resolution that grew out of dissatisfaction with the negative emotional side effects of litigation in family law cases. In collaborative law, both spouses and their attorneys commit contractually to staying out of court, to sharing financial and other information freely, and to working cooperatively and creatively to reach resolution. Susan and Kenneth use their decades of legal experience to develop creative solutions to seemingly irreconcilable disputes that might derail the collaborative process.

Most importantly for couples with children, collaborative law is an alternative to custody litigation and helps parents begin the next phase of their lives in the spirit of cooperation that they will need in the future. Many couples report that they emerged from the collaborative process as better co-parents than they were prior to divorce.

The collaborative process can also be an effective dispute resolution method for alternative families, including unmarried and same-sex couples.

In addition to representing clients in the collaborative process, Susan and Kenneth also serve as neutral mediators for couples in the process of terminating their relationship.